To make effective your participation in the course, the student must deposit the total amount of the course fee with two options:

- Using credit-debit card through the link available at the webpage of the course

- Bank transfer or cash payment to the bank account shown below; It is mandatory to write in the subject: Student´s full name and course code

from SPAIN and EU countries:


from non-EU countries:


Bank account: ES52-0182-0511-91-0204151813

BIC/SWIFT: BBVAESMM IBAN: ES52-0182-0511-91-0204151813 Bank address: BBVA, oficina 511, Cardenal Benlloch street, 9, 46021, Valencia (Spain)


_ Bank expenses due to national / international bank transfers are different depending on the country and will be assumed by the student.

_ Paypal payment applies additional charges which are not part of the enrollment fee.

_ To maintain a rigorous registration order and due to bank transfers may take several days to be validated, it is important to confirm the registration by sending an email with scanned copy or pdf of the bank statement to

_ Controlmad will confirm your enrollment by email as soon as we receive your email with proof of payment, full name, cell number. If you do not receive this confirmation, please e-mail us again or call +34 915393366


The last day for the return of the total enrollment fee* in case of not attendance to the course, will be 15 days before the course starts If you withdraw from the course up to 10 days before the start date, Controlmad will be charged 50% of tuition amount Any requests submitted 9 days or less before the start date will not be processed and Controlmad will be charged the full tuition amount.

For special situations and justifiable causes, you may also submit a reschedule request to Controlmad if another course is available. If not, Controlmad will apply the return and charges policies described above.

Controlmad reserves the right to cancel the course if the number of students does not reach the minimum. Controlmad will notify it by email with a new course schedule and dates or, by request, returning the full tuition amount via bank transfer in a period of time no more than ten working days.

For any doubts do not hesitate in contact us calling to +34 915393366 (business hours 9am – 2pm) or via email to By registering in the course, you accept and understand Controlmad policies and terms Thank you for your cooperation in complying with the Controlmad cancellation policy


Courses with on-line live sessions will be done through Zoom platform. Generally live sessions are not recorded or, if so, they will have a limited and temporal access.

For recorded live sessions, they will be uploaded in the platform in no more than 24 hours after the session ended.

Students will not have the possibility to download the videos. Students are not allowed to share the credentials to have access to these videos nor to download or record them using screen recording tools. If a student fails to respect these rules or shares the video on public streaming or torrent platforms, s/he might incur legal actions from Controlmad.

Zoom’s products feature an explicit consent mechanism for EU users. Existing or new users coming from IP detected from EU countries when signing into the Zoom desktop or mobile application, or joining a meeting without being signed in, across any platform will be presented with a one-time privacy policy update.

Therefore, although we recommend activate camera and micro to improve the experience during lectures, you have the right to not use it.

Chat comments, file transfer and relevant information when you share your screen is under your responsibility.

Controlmad has the right to use screenshots for commercial purposes in our social networks or website.